Lease Return

Is your Lease About to Expire?

What is next? What are my options once my lease ends and how early can I turn my leased vehicle into South Bay Mazda? How soon should I start thinking about what my choices are? At South Bay Mazda, many vehicles have various Mazda incentives to help terminate my existing lease early without a huge price increase.

Here are a Few Options to Choose

1) Return your Leased Mazda and Buy or Lease a New Mazda

This option has you driving away in a brand new Mazda. Our staff will be happy to show you the latest models and discuss the options. All you need to do is complete the below form or contact Way Rocha to submit a request for a free vehicle inspection.

2) Return your Leased Mazda to us Even if you Didn't Lease at South Bay Mazda

With this option, your lease concludes when you turn in your Mazda to us. You will need to schedule a free vehicle inspection during the last two months of your lease. You will be responsible for any Mazda charges or charges from the company you originally leased your Mazda from if applicable. Please contact Way Rocha to schedule a visit and we can take care of all the necessary paperwork.

3) Purchase your Leased Mazda

Purchasing your leased Mazda is a terrific way to continue to enjoy your vehicle and build resale value over time. If you decide to purchase your vehicle the store representative can go over existing rates and programs available from Mazda. The vehicle does not need to be inspected.

For any questions call Way Rocha at 310-928-9856, Email him at, or fill out the form below.